Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Series

This series of treatments offered of Syzygy is custom-tailored to meet your specific needs to attain a more rejuvenated appearance.

This 6 month series allows you to select from a palette of non-invasive procedures performed in our office. Our nursing staff, who perform many of these treatments as well as trained skin care professionals, will work with you to help diagnose your condition and suggest a plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

The treatments that are available to you may include: laser facials, light chemical peels, microdermabrasions, injectable fillers, European facials, laser hair removal and more. The treatments are ideally designed for aging, sun-damaged and/or hyperpigmented skin types. The various combinations we design for you work synergistically to lighten and brighten your complexion while dramatically reducing the appearance of finelines, wrinkles, excess hair and brown spots.