Lip Enhancement & Soft Tissue Augmentation

Lips are in. Look at those actresses and models. There is little argument that full and lush lips are attractive and desirable. There are many procedures to improve the appearance of the lips. Problems that can be enhanced include thin lips, smokers’ lines and wrinkles, flat lips, drooping corners and a long upper lip. Advanta is an implant that enhances and accentuates the lip roll.

Advanta Soft Tissue Implants

Advanta TM is an implant material used to augment lines and creases in the face as well as enhance the lips. Dr. Truswell designed the instrument used to insert each piece easily and quickly into the lips or nasal labial groove. Advanta implants are available in a number of round and oval sizes to fit an individual’s needs. This material (ePTFE) has been used as implants in humans for over thirty years and has been proven to be perfectly safe.


Juvederm is an injectable gel that replaces Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally hydrating substance that is lost over time.  Juvederm brings volume back to the lips, smoothing away lines and giving you a fuller pout.  This procedure requires no downtime and gives you immediate results.