The facelift rejuvenates the lower 1/3 of the face, under the chin area and tones the neck. This procedure redrapes the skin and muscles of the face in order to restore a more youthful and natural look.

Recovery time? Patients return the day after surgery to have their dressing removed and have their hair washed. Then one-week later they return to have stitches removed. Returning to work is usually possible 7 to 10 days after surgery.

How long does it last? The aging process always continues. Your lifestyle choices, bone structure, skin type, sun exposure and heredity all play a role in determining how many years can be erased and for how long. In this country this length is typically five to twelve years. What suits one person to wait for twelve years, will suit another for five years, returning to say “let’s tighten up again.”

Anesthesia? MAC (managed anesthesia care) is required for this procedure. A Board-certified anesthetist administers IV sedation to relax and make the patient comfortable and tranquil. There is no memory of what occurs in the OR. In fact, most patients sleep through their procedure. Afterwards, one awakens quickly without the feeling of having been under”.

Dr. Truswell strongly feels that rejuvenative surgery should produce a natural and refreshed look. Over stretched tissues, shiny skin and distorted features are not an acceptable outcome. In most cases, the bandage is removed the day after surgery. Our nurses wash the patient’s hair and make-up may be worn that very day. Most patients return to work in seven to ten days. There is little to no discomfort.


Before and after of facelift