The Consultation

When you arrive for your consultation with Dr. Truswell you will be greeted by our patient care coordinator, Jessica. She will sit with you privately for a pre-interview where she will record your medical information and inquire about the issues that brought you to this appointment. Digital photographs will also be taken, and you will then meet Dr. Truswell in his office.

Dr. Truswell will discuss your individual concerns with you. When evaluating your face, he will recommend and discuss with you a personal treatment plan. You will see numerous pre- and post-operative photographs of his patients who have had the procedures that you may discuss. Dr. Truswell will analyze your photos and perform computer imaging to demonstrate how cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance.

Next, you will sit with Lynn who will give you all the necessary financial information and schedule any surgery you have decided on as well as a pre-operative visit with one of our nurses.

We are committed to patient education in our office. Our goal during the consultation is to make you feel comfortable, cared for and knowledgeable about the services we provide. At any point in this consultation procedure, please do not hesitate to ask questions as we are here to provide you with the education to make an informed decision about surgery.